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Our research into the utility model of the graphite rolling granulator, and patented.

Our research into the utility model of the graphite rolling granulator, and patented.

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Along with development of the industrial world is rapid, the graphite has been at home and abroad is regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw material, especially in recent years, the development of science and technology, graphite products has in all walks of life plays a important role. Especially in recent years, the application of graphene in scientific research, so that the application of graphite in industry more widely.

In the industrial application of graphite very wide, for the production of smelting high temperature crucible, machinery and industrial lubricants, making electrode and a pencil core; widely used in metallurgical industry senior refractory materials and coatings, military industrial explosive materials stabilizer, light industry of the pencil core, electrical industry brush, battery industry electrode, catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry. Flake graphite after deep processing and produce milk graphite, graphite sealing materials and composite materials, graphite product, graphite antifriction additives and other high-tech products, which have become important nonmetallic mineral raw material of various industrial sectors.

However in our country on the graphite products, processing technology is relatively backward, for a long time difficult to reverse ore export and primary products, a large number of imports the passive situation of deep processed products. In the granulation process of graphite, the equipment is expensive, complicated structure, low yield, high strength and large energy consumption.

For the shortage of the industrial processing of graphite Changzhou Fu billion drying equipment Co., Ltd. after multi-faceted research eventually developed a practical model, has recently won the national utility model patent (patent number: ZL 2012 2 2012_2_0200933.1). The device has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, convenient use, convenient disassembly and assembly, and can effectively increase production, reduce energy consumption, and improve the strength of graphite particles. Make great contribution to the development of our country's industry. Especially in the deep processing of graphite has a special role in promoting.

Graphite powder in the actual application process, due to its lightweight, loose, smooth and other characteristics, such as the direct use of some problems and made of graphite particles, make it more convenient in industrial application, and improve its performance, increase the compression ratio, reduce the powder waste and packaging costs, improve the transportation capacity of the product.

In previous graphite pellets will often add adhesive, and adhesive used easily lead to graphite quality is pure, can not guarantee the quality. Our company in the processing of graphite without any additives, dry powder directly granulation. This ensures the purity of the product. Also new graphite rolling granulator feeding device adopts frequency conversion stepless control, high degree of automation, realization of a multilevel control, with a multi machine control, has the characteristics of labor intensity is low, and long-term continuous operation etc.. The main transmission parts of the equipment are made of high quality alloy material. Stainless steel materials, titanium, chromium and other surface alloy to make greatly improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, is the equipment has a longer life.

Currently the device has been applied in various industrial fields, sold a large number of mainland China and the Middle East, South America, Oceania, Africa and other countries, through continuous test several times to achieve a breakthrough new products, broaden the scope of application of the equipment has become the industry the ideal granulating equipment.


 Patent certificate Graphite particles

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